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About Us

ALE Canine Solutions is a family company run by Ollie, his wife Jenni and

their three children Aidan, Lilly and Elliott, from their home in Hampshire.

Both Ollie and Jenni grew up with dogs in their lives, Jenni only as pets,

where as Ollie's dad had Labradors which he worked, this showed Ollie

what trained dogs were capable of.

Ollie got his first dog (Jack Russell) at the age of 12, she quickly showed him

what perseverance and dedication was needed to train a dog to the basic


Ollie continued for many years with just pet dogs, when they sadly passed he had the opportunity to realise his own dream of owning his own working dogs, this then reignited the passion he has for dog training.


Ollie soon realised the more he got into his training there was a lack of quality products available to aid his training methods, he soon began to find solutions and make them readily available to everyone. This was the beginning of ALE Canine Solutions

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