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Meet Ollie

Ollie has been involved in countryside sports form a young age, having started beating at the tender age of 7!!! Ollie was always going to be one for the outdoors. Although Ollie’s father picked up with his team of Labradors, Ollie always wanted a dog he could work in the beating line, as the only dog available was his mothers Jack Russell he thought he’d give that a go, needless to say there were challenges!! Ollie then spent years watching others in the beating line working their dogs, over this time he developed an affection for Cocker Spaniels, little did he know the challenges this bread would bring!!

Ollie continued to help with his fathers picking up team and grow his knowledge of all areas of gundog handling. It wasn’t until 2017 that Ollie could put all he’d learnt to the test with his first Working Cocker Spaniel, needless to say he needed to sharpen his skills, Ollie sourced the best trainers he could find and studied everything he could about dog training. After a further 2 dogs and 3 years of hard work (including winning a working test 1st time out) Ollie setup ALE Canine Solutions, his plan was to provide the best training, facilities and products he could to enable as many owners to achieve their goals.

Meet Pat

Patrick/Pat has been involved with dogs for over 25 years. With his first family pet Zara, he used to train his Golden Retriever Zara with Basingstoke and District Dog Club, starting off in puppy school he worked his way up through the classes eventually trying his hand at a few obedience competitions.

His first real job at 17 was in fact a kennel hand ay Lyde Boarding Kennels. The owner at the time used to train gundogs, giving Pat an introduction  to a local farmer and gamekeeper stoked his interest in the countryside.

It wasn't until Pat's 30th Birthday that his wife Sarah bought him his first ever gundog. a black Labrador; this is where his passion started to grow for working dogs. Having seen the achievements a well-trained gundog was capable of, really opened his eyes. Needless to say his first Black Labrador would not be the last. Over subsequent years Pat has owned and trained a number of Labradors predominately for the shooting field. In Pats words "Your first dog teaches you how much you don't know". He then set about learning the trade, working his Labradors in the beating line first and then onto picking up at many shoots, big and small, competing at numerous tests at both novice and open level.

Pat has a real passion for teaching our clients how to achieve the best from their dogs. Be that a family pet or a working gundog with Labradors being his speciality. "My aim is to ensure I give you the tools to train your dog, not necessarily train your dog for you" - Manners do matter. Manners not mayhem.

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